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July 30, 2015
The Witten-Annen

High school in Germany is a life-changing experience, though a bit different than high school in the US.

While studying in Germany you will probably be in the 9th, 10th or 11th grade in high school, depending on age and language ability. Classes usually are composed of small groups of 20-30 students that stay together throughout their studies. Over the years, these students develop a strong relationship and close friendships. In German high schools, each class has its own room and teachers come to the students to give their lessons and each class also has a head teacher that acts as a mentor. Like U.S. high schools, students studying in Germany take a variety of courses including languages (students in Germany learn several such as German, English, Spanish, Latin…), science, geography, music, drama, physical education and more advanced courses such as psychology. Up to the 11th grade, students are allowed to choose the subjects they would like to study more intensively. While studying in Germany, you will get the chance to practice all kind of sport throughout the year.

Courses take place every morning until early afternoon in high schools in Germany, and late afternoons are entirely dedicated to extracurricular activities. You can enjoy a quiet time at home, go out with your friends or practice any activity you want. German high schools don´t have many clubs, but things like orchestra, sport and other recreational clubs are available in towns. Students usually meet up for lunch in the school cafeteria or kiosk and enjoy a good snack or sandwich. While studying in Germany, you may have the opportunity to participate in some typical events such as the “Abschlussball”, a prom to celebrate the end of the school year or the “Bundesjugendspiele”, a sport event in which schools from all over Germany compete in athletic events. Maybe can you even participate to a “Klassenfahrt”, the annual school trip organized for each class in high schools in Germany!

077 _ FAITH SCHOOL in Germany by Bro Thomas Paul in Werl
077 _ FAITH SCHOOL in Germany by Bro Thomas Paul in Werl ...
160 - FAITH SCHOOL in Germany by Bro Thomas Paul in Werl
160 - FAITH SCHOOL in Germany by Bro Thomas Paul in Werl ...
LIFE IN COLOUR - Germany 2014
LIFE IN COLOUR - Germany 2014
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