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July 3, 2017
BTEC Higher National

After all interviews have been conducted, the admissions committee will decide which interviewed candidates will receive an offer to join the MBA programme. Final decisions will be emailed to all candidates on the final decision deadline of the stage in which you have applied.

Final decision deadlines

After your interview there are two possible outcomes:

  1. You are made an offer to join the programme: If you receive an offer, you will

- be given access to a post-offer intranet,

- be asked to secure your place by paying a deposit fee of 15% of the course fee,

- have to apply for a place in a college.

As an Oxford student, you will belong to one of the University’s 38 colleges. College life will enrich your time at Oxford, offering you the chance to socialise with students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds. Colleges are a focus for sporting and cultural activity: teams compete with each other in sports such as rowing, cricket, and rugby; plays and musicals are staged in college halls and gardens; and concerts take place in college chapels and quadrangles. Whichever college you choose, you will develop a strong loyalty that will stay with you way beyond graduation. Colleges have their own alumni societies and professional networks, which complement those offered by Oxford University and Saïd Business School.

If you wish to be a graduate student at the University of Oxford, you must become a member of a college as well as being accepted by Saïd Business School. If you have been offered a place in the programme, the Admissions team will contact you and request your college preference at that time. We will then forward your application to your chosen college.

The Admissions team will guide you through this process.

- be invited to attend one of our Oxford experience weekends where you can interact with other incoming MBA students, current students, faculty and staff.

2. You are not successful at securing a place this year: We welcome you to re-apply the following year. If you were not totally suited to the MBA programme at the time of applying, we would like to encourage you to re-apply in the future. The admissions committee will look to see how you’ve progressed since the time of your previous application.

Source: www.sbs.ox.ac.uk
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University of Oxford - MBA - Sally Fan Part 2
University of Oxford - MBA - Sally Fan
University of Oxford - MBA - Sally Fan
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