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January 23, 2016
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Are you considering studying abroad, expand your horizons, explore a new territory or encounter a new culture? Then the Netherlands is your perfect destination. This English-speaking country, with open-minded, friendly and tolerant people, invites you to obtain a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in an internationally acclaimed environment. Here, teaching is open and informal, based on sharing debates for new insights, offering high-quality education and research opportunities.

Tuition fees

As all around Europe, Dutch universities have implemented tuition fees for EU/EEA students, regardless of their nationality. The annual tuition fees for a degree program or course at a Dutch higher education institution start at approximately 1, 700 for EU students. The costs of programs and courses for non-EU students are generally higher. The average tuition fee for them for bachelors programs lies between 6, 000 and 12, 000, whereas the costs for a masters program lie between 8, 000 and 20, 000. Theres a detailed website with more detailed information if needed.

Funding possibilities

The Netherlands is one of the European countries in which all students pay fees, as mentioned in a report on National Student Fee and Support system, published by the EU. In order to give students facing economic challenges the opportunity to study in well-respected Dutch universities, a system of financial support has been implemented, under the form of StudentGrants or Tuition fee loans. Other financial funding concern rent support (Huurtoeslag) or support for your health insurance/care insurance (Zorgtoeslag).

Student Grants

These apply mostly to Dutch students, but also foreign students can qualify if they fulfil some eligibility criteria:

  • Age (under 30 years)
  • EU nationality and working at least 32 hours/month or Dutch residence for more than 5 years
  • Residence/work permit obtained, offering you the same rights as a Dutch citizen

A part those mentioned, a student is eligible to apply for the Dutch student grant if his/her income is less than 13, 000. The amount for a basic grant is approximately 266, as mentioned on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Tuition fee loans

  • Age (under 30 years when you applying for loan tuition fees for the first time)
  • Enrolment for an accredited course at a funded or recognized institute of higher education or university, as a full-time student or taking a course in the Netherlands that qualifies for an allowance or a grant
  • Citizen Service number (in Dutch: Burgerservicenummer) in the Netherlands
  • Dutch Bank account (other than a savings account)

As for paying back the amount, this is compulsory for this type of funding. The same website states that interest is calculated on the tuition fees loan. In 2013, the interest rate is 0.6%. Additionally, two years after terminating your study, you have to start paying back. You are allowed to pay back over a period of time of 15 years, and the minimum amount is 45.41 per month. If you do not have sufficient income to pay your monthly term, you can apply for a reduction of your monthly term. For more information, a brochure in English is available.

To conclude, studying in Holland offers you the possibility to learn in a useful and attractive manner, and also get to know the open-minded Dutch culture. Furthermore, you are invited to enjoy this state of mind, as you do not have to worry about tuition fees in many cases. Especially when you are EU citizen, loans and grants are available to most of students, so pack your things and fly to see the tulips bloom!

Living costs in the Netherlands

Besides the tuition fees, also living costs are an important aspect when it comes to choose the Netherlands for your studies. To give you an idea, this list gives you an overview about average prices of typical needs:

  • Student accommodation: EUR 350-600 per month
  • Loaf of bread (500g): EUR 1, 30
  • Milk (1l): EUR 0, 80
  • Tomatoes (1kg): EUR 2, 50
  • Chicken breast (1kg): EUR 6, 50
  • Meal in a cheap restaurant: EUR 10
  • Beer in a bar (0, 5l): EUR 4
  • Beer in a supermarket (0, 33l): EUR 0, 50
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