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February 27, 2017
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Oxford Year Planner 2014-15

2015 - 2016

  • Monday 21st September - Friday 18th December
  • Monday 1st February - Thursday 24th March
  • Monday 11th April - Friday 20th May

2016 - 2017

  • Monday 26th September - Wednesday 21st December
  • Monday 30th January - Friday 7th April
  • Monday 24th April - Friday 19th May

2017 - 2018

  • Monday 18th September - Monday 18th December
  • Monday 29th January - Friday 23rd March
  • Monday 9th April - Saturday 19th May

University of Oxford terms

For Oxford University students, the year is divided into three terms of eight weeks each. Michaelmas (October-December), Hilary (February-March) and Trinity (May-June). Tradition being everything, each term is considered to start on a Sunday, and the week leading up to that Sunday is known as "0th week" (pronounced "Noughth" week, i.e. like "north" but with a hard T before the "th"). Thereafter, each Sunday begins 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th (etc) week. This is useful to know because certain important dates in the University calendar, such as Torpids, whose actual date may change year to year, will (almost) always take place in the 5th week of Trinity term, i.e. late May, thus reducing the need for Oxford academics to pay attention to the Gregorian calendar when planning next year's conferences.

The Oxford University terms as lived by the student:

He or she 'comes up' into residence by midnight on the Friday before 'Full Term', which begins on a Sunday, and 'goes down' on the Saturday just over eight weeks later. The student is of course expected to continue studying at home during the vacations.

'Coming up' and 'going down' are also used to indicate the beginning and end of one's total course or courses: "I went up in Michaelmas (ie Autumn) 2007 and came down in Trinity (ie Summer) '10." Or perhaps "I was sent down (ie dismissed for some misdemeanour) in Hilary (ie Easter) '08."

Similarly, one will often hear students, or, more usually, dons, refer to going "down" to London, or "down" to Edinburgh, regardless of the relative geograpical position of these places in relation to Oxford. The general rule is, one comes up to Oxford and goes down to everywhere else. Hence one of the Revd. William Spooner's most delightful (though probably apochryphal) spoonerisms: "You have tasted the whole worm. You will leave Oxford by the town drain".

It is usual for students to refer to some event taking place in, say, Tuesday of '3rd week' (of term), which can be unhelpful to those outside the University. If you are trying to communicate with both worlds, it is best to give the date both ways, eg Tuesday of 3rd week; 25th October 2011. The week before term is frequently referred to as 'noughth week'. The week before that is less frequently referred to as 'minus-first week'. The week before that... [that's enough! Ed.]

Source: www.dailyinfo.co.uk
Oxford Brookes Graduation Ceremony 2014
Oxford Brookes Graduation Ceremony 2014
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Oxford Brookes v Nereus | Day 3 Henley 2015 | Temple
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